I’m an award-winning journalist in Madison, Wisconsin, focusing on factory farming and the criminalization of activists who fight it.


I’ve written for Vox, The GuardianThe New York Times, The Intercept, and lots of other places. I've covered many subjects over the years, from corporate power to bhangra to America’s car crash crisis. I love ideas-driven stories that have something to say about the world beyond their news peg. 


I used to be an editor for Harvard Magazine, where I wrote and edited features, book reviews, news, and research stories. Before that, I wrote for the editorial boards of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and The Toledo Blade and edited the opinion page of The Harvard Crimson. 

I dance bhangra and Bollywood, but not very well; please assign me a story about it instead! (Update: this dream finally came true.)

Contact me at marina.n.bolotnikova (at) gmail.com or @mbolotnikova. I love hearing from readers! If you have a tip and want a more secure way to get in touch, let me know and I can provide details.

Last updated June 2022


photo by the amazing Azena Photography