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I’m an award-winning journalist focusing on factory farming and the criminalization of activists who fight it. I work as an editor for Vox's Future Perfect section, where we cover the world's big moral and technological problems.


I send an occasional, low-volume newsletter rounding up what I've been writing, editing, and thinking about; you can sign up here.

I’ve written for The GuardianThe New York Times, The Intercept, and lots of other places. I love ideas-driven stories that have something to say about the world beyond their news peg. 


I used to be an editor for Harvard Magazine, where I wrote and edited features, book reviews, and news. Before that, I wrote for the editorial boards of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and The Toledo Blade and edited the opinion page of The Harvard Crimson. 

I dance bhangra and Bollywood, but not very well; please assign me a story about it instead! (Update: this dream finally came true.)

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photo by the amazing Azena Photography

Last updated March 2023

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