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Radio & podcasts

  • On PBS discussing the SCOTUS case on California's Prop 12, October 2022

  • On NPR talking about rethinking the invasive species paradigm, December 2021

  • On Wisconsin Public Radio talking about America’s epidemic of death by cars, September 2021

  • On Our Hen House, October 2022

  • On the Sentientism podcast, May 2022


In June 2022, I was an animal law media fellow at Vermont Law School and gave a lecture on how ventilation shutdown (mass killing animals via heatstroke) took over the poultry industry:

In October 2022, on the heels of a historic court victory for animal rights activists, I accepted the University of Denver Law School’s Sunlight Award and gave this talk on covering direct action:

In December 2020, I spoke at the Animals, Climate Change, and Global Health webinar series on feral hogs and the problem with invasive species discourse. I start at around 53:30: 

In 2020, I interviewed literary critic Martin Puchner about his book The Language of Thieves (which I also reviewed here) and how he discovered his grandfather was a Nazi. View the event here.

Some episodes of Harvard Magazine's ideas podcast, ”Ask a Harvard Professor,” which I used to co-host:

Danielle Allen: What do Covid-19 and extreme inequality mean for democracy? Transcript here

Jeannie Suk Gersen on the lawsuit that could upend affirmative action in college admissions. Transcript here

Rebecca Henderson on reimagining capitalism for the climate crisis. Transcript here

Maya Sen on the how the U.S. court system became so partisan. Transcript here

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